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Complete Confidence in FSVP Compliance

  • Confidence that you can access your suppliers’ food safety plan at anytime
  • Confidence that you have one, secure, online location to view all your suppliers’ current certifications whenever you need them
  • Confidence that the verification program you have for your food, food ingredient or dietary ingredient suppliers will satisfy FDA during an FSVP inspection
  • Confidence your FSVP program will promote better deals with your suppliers and buyers
  • Confidence that your FSVP program is integrated with your Customs and Corporate Government compliance programs

FDAiVerify.com gives you access to:

  • Automated cloud-based supplier / ingredient and product verification
    • Taking the fear out of FDA’s surprise FSVP inspection
  • “Green-means-Go” decision-making ensures you have all you need to approve a purchase
    • So your sales process moves with greater speed
  • Powerful supplier interview questionnaires as broad as they need to be
    • Integrating FSVP with your Customs and Corporate Governance Compliance
  • Customizable Hazard Analysis and Preventive Control Templates
    • For foreign or domestic suppliers and customer verification
  • Seamless document control and approval process
    • Reducing human error
  • Dynamic corrective action program to correct, verify and document in real time
    • So you know it gets fixed -- the first time


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Your Confidence is now Complete … with FDAiVerify.com

Using FDAiVerify.com (powered by 3iVerify) makes the entire FSVP development, documentation and inspection process faster, your FSVP more reliable, more accessible (to you – anywhere, anytime) and more secure (ensuring only you and any others you specifically designate can view authorized levels of data while concealing from your trading partners valuable commercial and confidential information about each other).

Confidence all the way around!

The alliance between FDAImports.com and 3iVerify combines the FDA, USDA and Customs legal and regulatory expertise of nearly 100 years with the online power of cloud-based 3iVerify to make FSVP easier, faster, less expensive and more beneficial to our clients and your customers.

FDAImports.com can

  • Provide Preventive Control Qualified Individuals training (and certification) in the food importer (FSVP) and food processor (Preventive Control) settings;
  • Support your in-house food safety and regulatory affairs team by automating current documentation, certification and verification processes
  • Integrate your food and food ingredient safety programs with your Customs compliance SOPs and develop cloud-based documentation for both
  • Act as your PCQI to create your compliant FSVP program and ensure your staff knows how to use the intuitive cloud-based FDAiVerify.com platform
  • Ensure you meet all applicable legal and regulatory compliance requirements related to food, food ingredient and dietary ingredient importing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing, from registration to FTC compliance to managing FDA enforcement actions – and everything in between.