The average food recall costs 10 million dollars.  With the number of FDA-regulated product recalls growing at double digit rates annually, companies like yours seek better ways to predict and manage their risk.

Increased FDA review intensity also drives import delays.  Leading organizations are implementing predictive analytics and developing strategies to predict the likelihood of food recalls/import delays so they can implement steps in advance to identify problems and reduce risk. 

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Clearing a Pathway to Success

1. Let's identify the root causes of your biggest concerns.

2. We’ll recommend a solution – to fully address the real problem areas and to monitor the risk in the future.

3. You’ll limit and manage your food safety risk – and improve your output quality and food safety.

Email us at, together with our partners at Mesh Intelligence, has deep FDA and Customs experience coupled with advanced predictive data analytics capabilities – as well as a unique food safety data asset. 
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Learn more from Ben England's and Shub Debgupta's 2019 Food Safety Tech's Food Safety Supply Chain Conference Presentation!

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We have the Key to Limit and Manage your Food Safety Risk

FDA/USDA/CBP issues that cause delays, recalls or worse; suppliers not meeting deadlines or specifications; supplier verification requirements and a lack of control over all the moving parts in your supply chain are just some of the problems you face.

Spending your time and money based on guesses or incomplete data means you are not catching the real problem areas before they expose you and your company to bigger problems.

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